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Dear visitors!

Center for Rational Use of Medicines provides to the people and medical workers reliable information about medicines on a free basis. The main mission of the CRUM is an improvement of  health of the people. Task - the report to the population and the medical public of objective information on rational application of the medicines, based on the international standards of treatment and the best world practices.

Center for Rational Use of Medicines is the state organization which hasn't been connected with pharmaceutical firms, closely interacting with all public institutions and the organizations in the sphere of provision of medicines and health care. At specialists of the center you can always receive objective and reliable information about medicines, provision of free medicines, about efficiency of these or those preparations, reforms in the sphere of the address of medicines. The health system in Kazakhstan is improved every year. 


This site is created for improving interaction and cooperation between the Center, health professionals and the population, aimed at preserving and strengthening health, increasing drug literacy and the joint responsibility of citizens for their health.


You can ask your questions in the heading "Questions-answers".

We hope that the official website of the center will become a reliable assistant and a source of information for our visitors, and will also become an impetus for mutual understanding and constructive solutions.