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Dear visitors!

The Drug center provides to the people and medical workers reliable information about medicines on a free basis. DC is the social project of  Ministry of  Healthcare and Social development of the RK and is created for the aid to each Kazakhstan citizen for informing on the rights to free drugs within the guaranteed volume of free medical care.

You can ask the question to our specialists in call-service number - 8 800 080 88 87 (a call from any stationary phone in Kazakhstan free).

You can ask the questions and examine questions and DC answers in the heading "Questions-answers".

Within realization of the State program of development of health care of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Salamatty Kazakhstan" for 2011-2015 and orders of the Head of state in the address to citizens of the country "Social modernization of Kazakhstan: Twenty steps to Society of General Work" of July 10, 2012, and also implementation of the order of  MoHSD of the RK of April 19, 2013 No. 234

Whether it is worth being treated "on the computer", to trust doubtful people and the organizations? What sources of information can be trusted and what isn't present? In order that each inhabitant of the country could receive reliable and objective information about medicines, Ministry of  Healthcare and Social Development of  RK organized activities of the DC for all country on the basis of RSE on the REM "Republican Center of Health Development". The main mission of the DC is an improvement of  health of the people. Task - the report to the population and the medical public of objective information on rational application of the medicines, based on the international standards of treatment and the best world practices.

Activity of the Drug center is the main mechanism in increase of medicinal literacy of the people of the RK and an important element of development of all health system. Besides, in the Message of the Head of state to the people of Kazakhstan" of  December 14, 2012 "Strategy Kazakhstan-2050. New political policy of the taken place state" need of strengthening of information work with the population is noted.

The DC is the state organization which hasn't been connected with pharmaceutical firms, closely interacting with all public institutions and the organizations in the sphere of provision of medicines and health care. At specialists of the center you can always receive objective and reliable information about medicines, provision of free medicines, about efficiency of these or those preparations, reforms in the sphere of the address of medicines. The health system in Kazakhstan is improved every year. It is result of joint efforts of the Government of the country, Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development, medical workers and the main thing – citizens of the RK.